Somewhere Salty

life in and out of the water

Went surfing at Raalhugandu for the first time today, in the rain. It was good to finally get in there instead of staring at the surfers and the waves from my home balcony (just because I don’t have a board). I didn’t catch anything but…

Finally got into the surf in the Maldives

“Give until you’re all used up, then remove yourself, breath, and return and give more” – Anonymous

"Yalla Yalla"

Today marks my two months in Morocco and there’s almost a month to go. It’s been a fairly interesting time learning to surf. We have 8 of us in our student group. 5 girls, 3 guys. Some of them in their late teens, most of…

Learning to surf in Maghrib




It’s been over two weeks since I came to Pondicherry and I thought I’d do an update of what I have been up to all this time. My daily routine mostly consists of going to Kallialay Surf School (KASS) on Serenity beach just before mid…

Life of Ni




Last February I went on a four day trek on the Panchase Circuit outside Pokhara. I chose this trek as it was regarded as easy and you can go through different villages up the hills, experience village life and stay at local teahouses. This trek…

In Photos: Trekking the Panchase Circuit, Nepal